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Birds of a Feather IS A GO!

2016-08-25 21:30:10 by cowspit11

For the people waiting to be hired for FREE and people waiting for the game, it is a go. It hasen't started yet but I am up for hire. If you are wanting to be hired comment down below.

Remember- Soon my website for our games will be soon.

Please help!

2016-05-30 08:49:21 by cowspit11

Guys I am making a Sonic The Hedgehog game. I need some voice actors and workers. I need some samples for those who will help. Contact me as a message.


Sonic The Hedgehog           Available

Tails The Fox                      Available

Knuckles The Echidna         Available

Amy Rose                           Available

Vector The crocadile             Available

Espio The Chameleon           Available

Charmy Bee                         Available

Mighty The Armadillo            Available

Ray The Flying Squirrel         Available  

Metal Sonic                          Available

Dr. Eggman                          Available               


2015-03-28 18:14:32 by cowspit11

Now I came to Newgrounds to be an animater. I want to be treated with respect. To have fun. Thanks.